Kim Kardashian Weight Loss Diet- to Lose Weight Quickly

Kim Kardashian weight loss diet become popular after she lost a considerable amount of her weight after the birth of her second child named Saint, with husband Kayne West. This 35 years old actress and reality star was open regarding her weight loss journey which she shared over the social media. She was not shy about revealing her slimmed down figure after following the weight loss diet and according to her losing weight was not an easy task as it she had to put in a lot of hard work and effort.

Kim Kardashian weight loss diet is known as Atkins 40 and it is a low carbohydrate diet involving consuming about 40 grams of carbs very day. This diet was very effective as it helped her lose pot pregnancy weight because this diet helped her to eat differently and she was successful in going down to 132 pounds. In this diet, sweets and sugar are completely eliminated because these are known to be the biggest factor that contributes to weight gain. The Atkins program was very beneficial and effective for Kim as it assisted her to make remarkable progress while she was putting in efforts to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight. It is a slow and steady weight loss diet rather than being a fast and dramatic which worked in her favor because slow and steady helped her as it provided her with adequate balance of all the healthy foods.

The weight loss diet of Kim Kardashian was to eat a lot of healthy fats and proteins along with small quantity of high fiber carbohydrate that helped her feel fuller and eliminated any temptations of having high calories foods. The best foods that helped her lose weight includes eggs with spinach and cheese for breakfast, Greek yogurt with slivered almonds and blueberries for snacks, salad along with creamy dressing in the afternoon for lunch and chicken breast, salad and broccoli for dinner. The success of this diet is contributed to the low carbohydrate content that helps in burning the fat of the body quickly which eventually helped in losing weight effectively. It also involves eating about five to six times a day which does not cause starving and hence it helps in eliminating any temptations for overeating or cheating with the diet. The reason for this is because being completely full will not lead to any instances of overeating as this diet help in providing all the nutrition that is required.